Particle Generator
Particles: 100
Amount of particles displayed
Particle Motion: 0
This makes particles spread
Velocity: 20
Particles displayed each second

Base radius: 1
The base circle radius
Circle’s tops: 0
Amount of horizontal ‘mountains’ on circle
Radius amplitude: 0.5
The max added value to base radius

Helix amplitude: 1
The max y-value of the helix
Helix Tops: 0
Amount of vertical ‘mountains’ on circle
Circle Speed: 1
Amount of circles per particles

Pick a particle

Entity tags:
Around which entity(player, mob, etc) should the effect appear

Force rendering
See particles even if the particle setting is set to minimal

Center Point x: ~0
Add x-offset relative to entity
Center Point y: ~0.5
Add y-offset relative to entity
Center Point z: ~0
Add z-offset relative to entity

Particle x-Spread: 0
Enlarges the possible x-area of particles
Particle y-Spread: 0
Enlarges the possible y-area of particles
Particle z-Spread: 0
Enlarges the possible z-area of particles

y Axis rotation: 0°
y Axis rotation
Angle: 0°
Tilts the base circle, only use if helix amplitude = 0

Other Version: 1.12 / 1.11

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